In the current modern era of environmental sensitivity, no development project, no matter how small, can ignore the importance of it's effect on the environment.  Francis Smith Engineering, Inc. is one of the leading firms in the area of Environmental Engineering, sensitivity, and mitigation. 

    Environmental engineering consists of integrating the existing environment, both natural and human, into the project planning process at an early stage. In fact the environmental engineering work should guide the planning process to insure that the project not only respects the environment, but also preserves, protects, and enhances the environment where possible


Specific elements of the environmental engineering process are:



inventory and assessment of existing environment


planning analysis of the project and determination of effects on environment


engineering analysis of the project and determination of effects on environment


consideration of development alternatives and summary of environmental effects


specifying mitigating measures and enhancement measures preparation of environmental impact statements and reports


    The firm of Francis Smith Engineering, Inc. has been sensitive to the environment in the planning process for many years, and has prepared extensive Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) for many projects.


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